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As Kushal himself says "I open my mouth and fall into trouble". Kushal's statements, comments, posts etc are often jawdropping. For a minute it makes you go, did he really say that and then you can't help but laugh and go yep, thats Kushal Tandon.

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Kushal's message to fans :

I love each and everyone of my fans. I feel connected to all of you, read all your messages. You are my boosters, my best critics. I love you all from the bottom of my heart

He speaks from his heart and those who love him love this about him too while others frown and judge him but whatever your reaction is he don't really care. His fans love him for the way he speaks what is in his mind, be it scolding them, joking or mocking them. So here are a few one of a kind quotes, oneliners and posts from Kushal taken from his various interviews as well as his posts on his fan page.

Few of Kushal's one liners :

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Shut up if you're stupid

Jio aur Jine do chill maro

Love is infinite, love is without expectation

I've got an open heart anyone can come in, my heart is like an open highway

I love girls

I think a guy should not marry till he is settled

I love partying, I love everything in life

I believe in my own rules.

I follow myself

Ignorance is bliss!

They want to see me shirtless...very soon!

Few Quotes from Kushal :

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Just follow your dreams. There’s no tip in that you’ll do this and you’ll be an actor. If you believe in yourself just go ahead and do it!

I'm not a designer conscious guy agar street mein se koi pathleese safed T-shirt dekhenge mujhe jo bohot simple hein I can wear that also... I don't believe like 'yeh pehno woh pehno' whatever suits you, wear that. What I believe is you have to carry yourself whatever you wear.

Please guys request hai. Tumlog meri baath suni na? no gifts yaar.. dekh trophies chalthi hai, chocolates chalthi hai cards chalthi hai but... no more than that! hmm?

I promise you I'm going to give you lots of lots of lots of different roles in life...thanks for loving me so much and giving me so much love.

I'm a very chilled out guy basically.. jiyo aur jeenedo.. live and let me live.

People take me wrong sometimes that I've got an attitude problem because first front mein mei logon se friendly naho hothahoon... mujhe khulneme time lakthahein

Posts from Kushal (with his classic typos :) )  

Casual and Funny posts:

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Strict warning - Don't use kingfisher bottle to fire rocket. It may not fly :-p=)) enjoyyyyyyyyyyYoo yooo honey singh....happy dussehra to all of u n to ur familys.....apne apne raavvvaaan ko mardoooooo lol have a nice day!!


Boom boom boom

Boom boom boom, even brighter than the moon moon moon ;-)

Nahi chaiye mujko teri second hand jawani ;-)

Today I dnt feel like doin nething....lazy song :-) holiday monday

Wats up jus. Got up from dance prac........not getting sleep lets chat guys

hopeee u alll likedd thee engagementtt...
..andd oldd virmaan!sharee ur viewss....

Special Day posts :

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Happy happy new year to all u lovely
people out there and to ur family's.......like
birds let us leave behind what we don't
need to Cary..........grudges,sadness,
fear,and regrets.....fly lite.......life is
beautiful.....Xox ;-)2013 bring it on.........

Happpy valentines day to alll u gurls out
there.....love u all ..love ur dad,mom,sisters brothers frns and who so evr u want and celebrate...... valentines day is not jus for couple..its for evrybody so give a rose to who so evr u feel like ..hugs n peace have fun coz u live only once;-)

Today I hit one lac 50 thousand fans ......on this page ....... So thanks all for loving me so much ....it's so nice to be loved my so many souls ....m blessed to have u all i feel m a gods child...xox stay bless enjoy live life stay strong ......love ur family ..........
It feels great when u do a 9 page scene and after that u dnt hear a cut frm the dirctr.... U jus hear claps n claps frm the full unit of 100 peoples ..first time that happend to me today while doin the scene......butter then ne awards..I want this feeling all my life.....bliss

On my way for work at filmcity........driving dwn jus got to know through radio that its
womens day.......well evry day is that day
which one wants to celebrate...but ne how today is the day so well.....happy womens day to all u womens......v r nothing without womens lol;-)

Sabko eid mubarak..........:-)

  Consider my this message as a hug with saying EID MUBARAK.
May Allah always  bestow glories.
Successes and happiness to you and your family.

So so so happy for nia sharma for her award most popular actress.....so proud of my dost.

Wishing u and your family a very happy diwali..........have fun enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyy ;-) love u allllllllllllllll

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to all... Ganpati Bappa Morya.


  1. Guys its awsm...evry msg of kush s here awwww lovely

  2. kushal we wnt u2 cme bck in bb
    plzzzzzzzzzz cme bck we miss u