How well do you know Kushal?  He has a very strong personality, a very unique style, likes, dislikes and views.  In this section we take you on a tour through Kushal, the person - his taste, his likes and his views.

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These are some of his favorite things :

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His favorite Food : Mom's food, daal chawal, chilli paneer

His favorite Dessert :
Chocolate in any form

His favorite Drink : Scotch
on the Rocks

His favorite Color : White

His favorite Vacation Spots : Spain and Greece

His favorite singer's : Akon, Wiz Khalifa, and a lot more

His favorite song's : You're beautiful by James Blunt and Eye of the Tiger by 

His favorite Movie's : Rocky series and How to lose a guy in 10 days

His favorite Actor : Sylvester Stallone

His favorite Actress : Jessica Alba

His favorite TV show : Orange County

His favorite Sitcom : How I met your Mother

His favorite Perfume brands : YSL and Issey Miyake

His favorite Outfit : Anything and Everything

His favorite Shades  : Aviator

Kushal's view :

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Life : is unpredictable

Marriage : an important and serious step in life

Family : is his strength

Friends :  few but true

Fans : are his inspiration

Career : long way to go


Its all about Kushal :

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His Strength : Himself. "I am a loner and I like to figure things out myself"

His weakness : Girls. "I love girls"

His biggest challenge : Right now, getting Six-Pack Abs

His best moment : Seeing parents for the first time after being in the boarding school for 4 months when I was in 4th Grade.

His biggest Achievement : Yet to come

His best Birthday : Ninth grade birthday at Scindia boarding school. Friend's cooked Maggie at midnight with bathroom water, then cut it like a cake and had it with beer. Had beer for the first time in life.

His favorite scene : Cancer revelation scene

His Best Friend : Mom and Tina di

His memory from school : Broke my hand myself at school so that I could go home

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  1. Got to know u from BB but your "i love girls" attitude puts a question mark now.... however good to know more about you :)